Spanish Soccer Academy Year-Long Program Begins 2014/15 Season

It’s Go Time!

2014/15 Year Long Program has already started!
Monday saw the official start of Madrid’s Year-Long Soccer and Academics program. Our first training session was conducted by Coach Javier Martin, followed by the first day of Spanish lessons.

EduKick Madrid 2014

Senior players had the opportunity to go out for trial with local team A.D. Canillas. It was a challenging experience for all of them, and some players got tough results.

They’ll have to stand up again and fight for a place in a different team. Happily, Matthew Maybury was called for a second trial.

On Tuesday, players met Football Director Javier Mallo, who worked the first training session inside the gym, before hitting the field for training with Coach Javier Martin.

After training, Anubhav Singh took the Ice Bucket Challenge – showing the good atmosphere among the players this season, and this evening we will enjoy this season’s first visit to Madrid City Center.


Soccer training sessions will continue every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday morning and will combine strength and conditioning work as well as technique sessions.

After each training session, players go from the field to the Metro station – which lets them out right next to their home-away-from-home at the International House facilities.

It’s going to be a fantastic year! Interested in joining us?

Register Here!

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